About Lixin

I attended college at Ocean University of China and Shandong University in China, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computing Science in 2011. After graduation, I moved from School of Mathematical Sciences to College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences to continue the graduate study at Ocean University of China. I received a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography in June 2014 and am currently a Ph.D. student in Oceanography at Texas A&M University. My research interests are coastal circulation forecasting, river plume dynamics, ocean turbulence associated with coastal mixing processes, data assimilation, and theory and numerical simulation of flow in estuarine, coastal, and continental shelf environments.

I use Python to do oceanography research and try to apply the Parallel Python and Machine Learning techniques into ocean data analysis. Also, I am a big fan of High Performance Computing including CPU computing (with MPI and OpenMP) and GPU computing (with CUDA) and use numerical models such as ROMS, COAWST, and GOTM to simulate coastal environments. There are a number of high-performance clusters I have been using at TAMU and PONG, and some are heterogeneous systems with accelerators of Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla K. These machines are connected with high-speed cluster networking in either Intel Omni-Path or Mellanox InfiniBand. Links to the Intro/Ganglia pages for each cluster: