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A brief guide to wavelet sources

As you can tell from the embarassing date at the bottom of this page, it hasn't been updated in 15 years, i.e. about 15 computer generations. Fortunately for those who've had the misfortune to cyberstumble onto this, someone has provided a recent update about wavelets. It can be found at:


In addition to providing you with better and much more current information, Karen's page allows me to slack off on this page for another 15 years, and we all owe her a debt of gratitude.

Selecting the following will guide you to sources (or meta-sources) for information about wavelets and their applications. You really might want to give this a skip and go straight to the wavelet pages of Amara Graps. She's putting a lot of effort into both maintaining and expanding her pages and I'm too busy with my other pages to do much more than occasionally check the links to see if they're still valid.


Manuals, technical reports, theses etc.


Software packages or single programs available on the net.


Sites collecting information about wavelet info/software.

Research Sites

Sites pursuing research into some area of wavelet applications.


Document archive sites etc.
Tutorials and overviews
Individual or group sites

Document archive sites etc.

Links to locations of archives, repositories, and other collections of documents.

Wavelet Digest Site
This site at the University of South Carolina contains the back issues of the Wavelet Digest as well as various papers and software.
MathSoft Wavelet Resources Page
This site contains an extensive list of wavelet preprints and published papers that can be obtained via the Web.
High Performance Computing Article Archive
This is an archive of technical reports, notes, theses, and other sorts of documents in the area of high performance (i.e. parallel, RISC, etc.) computing. Papers applying wavelets can be found in the PDE subject area in the computational mathematics archive section.


Annotated Bibliography of skb
This is a bibliography in BibTeX format that I've created. It contains entries for papers published in journals and conference proceedings as well as entries for preprints and technical reports available via the Web. Many of the articles include their abstracts and occasionally even some additional information. Some of the preprints and articles indicated as available on the Web may no longer be available. I can't continually keep track of such things, but I've tried to give enough information so you can at least contact the author, if only via snailmail.
Wavelet Bibliography Collection
This is a collection of bibliographies pertaining to wavelets as part of a much larger collection of bibliographies pertaining to various topics in computer science and mathematics.

Tutorials and overviews

Here are introductions and/or tutorials to wavelets. Some are concerned solely with wavelets and their properties, and others introduce them in the context of some other area of endeavor such as seismic data processing or graphics.

Plotting and Scheming with Wavelets
An elementary, linear algebra-based introduction to wavelets aimed at a non-sophisticated mathematical audience.
An Introduction to Wavelets
No description yet.
Wavelets: An Elementary Introduction and Examples
This paper by M. Ueda and S. Lodha introduces wavelets via scaling functions using the theory of multiresolution analysis. The primary focus is to describe many examples of scaling functions and their corresponding wavelets without proofs. The two-scale reconstruction and decomposition relations are described in order to provide the reader with a quick working knowledge of wavelets. The filename of this report is ucsc-crl-94-47.ps.Z.
Introduction to Wavelets in Engineering
This link provides information on how to obtain this paper via an email request.
Fundamentals of the Discrete Wavelet Transform for Seismic Data Processing
The purpose of this report by Jack C. Cohen and Tong Chen is to explain and illustrate the effect of the discrete wavelet transform on seismic data, thus providing the information necessary for researchers to assess its possible use in their areas of data processing. The report number is cwp-130P.ps.Z.
A review by Ronald DeVore and Bradley Lucier. This is an introduction chiefly from the viewpoint of approximation theory and data compression. The authors want the reader to become "sufficiently acquainted with the subject to understand the enthusiasm of its proponents toward its potential application to various numerical problems." This is a 50 page compressed PostScript file (168 kb).
Wavelets in Computer Graphics: A Primer
This has evolved into a book published by Morgan Kaufmann.
Wavelets and Their Applications in Computer Graphics
This is a 2.5 Mb compressed PostScript file containing a compilation of SIGGRAPH '94 course notes by Alain Fournier. It includes an introduction and sections on wavelets and multiresolution, wavelets, signal compression and image processing, curves and surfaces, wavelet radiosity, and applications. There is a basic software package associated with this document as well as a brief informational file describing both.
Lectures on Wavelet Packet Algorithms
A paper by Mladen Wickerhauser that is concerned with choosing an optimum wavelet set for a given application. This set is called a wavelet packet. This is a 74 page compressed PostScript file (2.2 mb).

Individual or group sites:

Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen at the Colorado School of Mines has made available several tutorial papers and a series of Mathematica programs for expository purposes.
Amara Graps
Amara's done a nice job of collecting various links and distinguishes herself by offering a brief online tutorial on the subject.
Juan Restropo
A list of Juan Restrepo's papers pertaining to W-transform wavelets.
Brani Vidakovic
Vidakovic's papers applying wavelets to statistics and a Mathematica program to perform discrete wavelet transforms.

Wavelet Software


A C and Matlab library of wavelets functions. The goal of this project is to provide code that is as easy as possible to use.



Biorthogonal wavelet encoder/decoder for 8 bit grayscale images with very efficient decoding. The full source code (written in C) is provided.


Imager Wavelet Library

A small collection of routines that allow the user to manipulate wavelets, with some scattered documentation.


Mathematica wavelet programs

This directory contains a series of Mathematica programs designed to display the features and properties of various types of wavelets. There are also PostScript files documenting the programs as well as some additional documents about wavelets.



C and Matlab code to perform 1-D nonorthogonal discrete wavelet transforms and their inverses. It is set up to use Morlet, Daubechies and Tryme wavelets.



A software package of algorithms to perform analyses using M-band compactly supported prime scaling wavelets. See the documentation in the package for further details.



This is a library of Matlab routines for wavelet analysis, wavelet-packet analysis, cosine-packet analysis, and matching pursuit. There are versions for Mac, UNIX and Windows systems. Fairly extensive documentation is available.


Rice Wavelet Tools

This is a collection of Matlab files for implementing wavelet and filter bank design and analysis. It also includes code for wavelet applications like 1-D and 2-D denoising and SAR image processing.


Uvi_Wave Software

This is a collection of wavelet programs that is available either as a Matlab toolbox or a Khoros toolbox.



A Matlab toolbox for performing wavelet transforms for finite-duration discrete-time signals. Version 3.0 is freely available, although version 4.1 (and presumably higher versions) is a commercial product available from the Commercial WavBox site.



Wavelet-based image compression software written in C. No documentation is available.



Wavelet transform software with thresholding. This is written in C with extensive linkages and functions is S-PLUS, a commercially available language for statistical computations.



Wavelet packet library routines, utilities and applications. This is available in binary form for DOS, NeXT, SGI and Sun platforms, and the source code is apparently available if you sign a nondisclosure form.


W-Transform Matlab Toolbox

A toolbox to perform multiresolution analysis based on the W-transform is available. The W-transform is a class of discrete transforms that treats signal endpoints differently than usual and allows signals of any length to be handled efficiently. In addition to the toolbox (310 Kb tarred/compressed) there is a paper (590 Kb compressed PostScript) describing the W-transform and a manual (108 Kb compressed PostScript) for the toolbox.



The X Wavelet Packet Laboratory is an X based tool to examine 1-D real-valued signals using wavelets and wavelet packets. It is designed more as an educational and exploratory tool rather than a numerical analysis program. It is available only in binary form for various UNIX platforms.



Univ. of Salzburg Dept. of Math. Wavelet Links
A metasite maintained by Andreas Uhl.
Univ. of S. Carolina Wavelet Links
A list of links at the South Carolina site that also houses the Wavelet Digest.

Research Programs

U.C. Berkeley Wavelet Group
This group is headed by Martin Vetterli, but their Web pages are still in their nascent stages so I'm not quite sure what they do yet. Stay tuned.
Fractales Projects (INRIA)
The goal of this project is to develop theoretical tools in the field of fractal geometry to finely analyze complex signals for the purposes of modelling, prediction, and synthesis. The connection is that wavelets are often used for this sort of work seeing how their multiscale features mesh nicely with the multiscale form of fractals.
Multiresolution Signal Processing - Univ. of Minn.
This group is researching the broader field of multiresolution signal processing which relies heavily on the use of wavelets. There are a few papers about.
Wavelets in Astronomy - European Southern Observatory
This site is concerned with applying wavelets to the field of astronomy. It contains several papers by F. Murtagh et al.
Wavelets in Statistics - Univ. of Bristol
The Univ. of Bristol in England is pursuing applications of wavelets for statistical applications. This site has several papers and some software.

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